Crusaders Of Justicia CEO Jennifer Estrada encourages vaccine participation in this video by Forward Latino.

WFRV Channel 5 new featured the Crusaders Of Justicia Drive-up Food Pantry in Green Bay in a news story that aired on the 10 o'clock news, Saturday, March 27th.

During the story, Crusaders CEO Jennifer Estrada explains that immigrant families have been underserved by stimulus aid so Crusaders is working in numerous cities in north-eastern Wisconsin to help those families.

City Secretly Funds Investigation Against First Black Alderperson

Manitowoc city officials, both elected and non-elected, across numerous city departments, are colluding to conduct a secret investigation into the residency status of Aaron Bailey, the city's first and only Black alderperson. Open records requests by Crusaders Of Justicia and others attempting to obtain even the most basic information about (or even the existence) of the investigation have been improperly delayed or denied, excluding the public from knowing about activities of their government, contrary to Wisconsin open records law.

According to Manitowoc City Attorney Kathleen McDaniel, “a private citizen” engaged a private investigator to investigate the residency of Alderperson Bailey, and gave the report to Council President Eric Sitkiewitz. For some reason President Sitkiewitz and the city are concealing the identity of the anonymous accuser. Due to the secrecy surrounding the city's handling of the accusation, the public is being left in the dark as to why residency requirements should embroil the city in a contentious and costly witch-hunt.

This is textbook structural racism. Residency requirements are bureaucratic barriers to participation in our supposedly representative government, which are working exactly as intended to exclude under-represented populations. Poor and minority people have far more instability and mobility in their personal lives, which makes it far harder to meet these unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles that have been put in place by privileged and powerful people, most of whom have the benefit of the stability that comes with owning their homes for long periods of time. Demanding proof of residency is a significant tool to exclude poor and minority people from participation in their government, and even in voting.

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Epic Take-Down of Manitowoc Council For Continuing Racist Witch-hunt

Theresa Collins of Crusaders Of Justicia gives an epic take-down of the Manitowoc Common Council for their apparently endless racist witch-hunt against Alderperson Bailey. Common council president Eric Sitkiewitz chose to receive and act on a complaint from an anonymous accuser whose identity for some reason he chose to keep secret. The city actually hired a private investigator in response to the anonymous complaint, resulting in a two hour plus meeting that led nowhere. Now, in response to a formal complaint that Alderperson Brey pretty much solicited from the public during the last meeting, the council is yet again taking up the accusation that Alderperson Bailey doesn't live where he says he lives. There was a lot of pushback from the council that this seemingly unending issue is racial.

You can join the fight against racism through the Crusaders Of Justicia website:

Crusaders Of Justicia Response to the Just/Seehafer Apologies for Hate Speech

Crusaders Of Justicia was created to demand change through direct action such as strikes, boycotts and disruptive protests. We are opposed to using dialog as a substitute for taking meaningful action to end structural exploitation and discrimination. Crusaders believes all people have a responsibility to actively work to end hate and discrimination, and this is even more true for people who claim to regret contributing to it by engaging in hate speech. Apologies that are not accompanied by affirmative action to end discrimination are empty gestures that actually perpetuate Manitowoc's historical and on-going culture of racism.

Cruel Treatment of Immigrant Students at Holy Family College

A local school in Manitowoc, Holy Family College, entices students to come to our country through the F1 visa program and then fails to protect the students from the immigration bureaucracy. Christopher Ducasse, who comes from Haiti, has been a student at Holy Family College for three years and is a semester away from graduating with a Bachelors degree in music.

Christopher had his visa status abruptly terminated last Wednesday by the Dean of Student Development of the college, for a minor paper work problem which went unnoticed by the college itself. This unconscionable act of excessive bureaucracy is particularly egregious because it was committed by educators who presumably have a duty to protect their students, and educators at a religious institution no less.

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Fighting For Justice In Manitowoc And Throughout Our Nation!!

Crusaders Of Justicia was present to observe numerous injustices in our criminal justice system during the recently concluded trial of Juan Cortez. People with financial resources and other advantages get far better treatment and greater leniency from the criminal justice system while disadvantaged people get harsher treatment and much more severe penalties. Crusaders is launching a campaign to expose these inequities and abuses in our criminal justice systems that occur throughout our nation and right here in Manitowoc county. Anyone interested in helping Crusaders fight for justice for all can sign up here:

Crusaders Of Justicia estuvo presente para observar numerosas injusticias en nuestro sistema de justicia penal durante el juicio recientemente concluido de Juan Cortez. Las personas con recursos financieros y otras ventajas obtienen un trato mucho mejor y una mayor indulgencia del sistema de justicia penal, mientras que las personas desfavorecidas reciben un trato más severo y sanciones mucho más severas. Crusaders está lanzando una campaña para exponer estas desigualdades y abusos en nuestros sistemas de justicia penal que ocurren en toda nuestra nación y aquí mismo en el condado de Manitowoc. Cualquier persona interesada en ayudar a los cruzados a luchar por la justicia para todos puede inscribirse aquí:

Crusaders Justice Project

You can oppose the bigotry, abuse and discrimination in our criminal justice system by becoming a Crusaders legal watchdog! You can directly defend justice simply by monitoring court proceedings for cases where basic human rights are being violated and reporting back to Crusaders for intervention and advocacy. Use our Contact or Signup pages to get started!

Crusaders Of Justicia joined in the "Lights For Liberty" actions that were held in towns throughout the nation. "Indefinite detention of individuals and families is not a moral answer to the problems we face," said the Rev. Dr. Matthew L. Sauer, who has been sharing his recent experiences of giving humanitarian aid at the border in a column series in the Herald Times Reporter. "The unconditional refusal to accept asylum requests is not a moral answer. Forced separation of families is not a moral answer. The immediate charging of adults with crimes because they have crossed an arbitrary line is not a moral answer. Detentions centers are not a moral answer. ... Being human is our divine gift, human community our divine responsibility."

Read about the action in the Herald Times Report here.

Crusaders Of Justicia is a new group formed to fight for justice by the rapidly increasing number of exploited families in the United States. In order to increase the impact for change we believe it is essential to unite the fights of all people under the current administration. We will demand change by taking meaningful actions such as boycotts, strikes, protests and other actions.

Our mission is to mobilize exploited families and their allies to fight for justice. We will target fundamental issues impacting our communities, not just symptoms.

Crusaders Of Justicia Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible. (IRS determination letter.)